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Project Description
This project adds to the power of SharePoint Designer workflows by adding additional activities that previously were not available including sending emails with attachments, custom from addresses, and much more. Created with visual studio 2010 for SharePoint 2010.

Credit and Thanks
This project was created directly from the project that unclepaul84 created here on codeplex for the previous version of SharePoint. Thank you to Paul and the rest of the developers for all of your hard work, this project would not exist without it! Pauls project can be found here: and I have also linked to it in the related projects list.

Project Status
Currently I have this project listed as alpha. As I run this code in my own production environments and feel more comfortable with its stability, i will change the status to beta. I hope to hear more comments from the community at large as to how stable it is for you in your environment, and any issues you come across.

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