copy list item extended

Jun 15, 2012 at 12:22 PM

Dear All,

I've installed the solution following the instructions. Everything was ok, the custom actions were able to be selected by SPD, but when i went to use the "custom list item extended" i came up with the following situation:

The activity seems to work properly. When i select "move" in order to send a document from one library (lets say DocLib1) which resides in a subsite to an other document library (lets say DocLib2) which resides in the root site (site collection) i cannot see the document in the destination library, even if in the workflow history list the log message says what i put in the workflow and the corresponded outcome is setted to "complete"

And even if the workflow removes the document from DocLib1, i cant find the document. I searched in every location in SPDs "All Filles", but that was uselless. Ive tried the same activity from the past project "usefull sharepoint activities" but i was getting access denied errors. 

I am new to Sharepoint and i would like to know if there is a posibility to find the reason of the malfunction, because the "move" action is a core action for my other custom workflow activities.